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DD Performance Research LLC is dedicated to improving every aspect of automotive performance. Utilizing high tech tools to properly analyze, create and test performance solutions for the vehicles we work with allows us to offer some of the best performing products in the industry.

We also utilize cutting edge production techniques like Solidworks CAD, CNC machining, CNC WaterJet cutting, TIG welding, etc. As a result we offer exclusive high end performance products that perform beyond expectations.

Our new 8400 sq. foot facility in Sealy TX has a state of the art in-ground 4wd chassis dynojet dyno with dual eddy current brakes and linx system, as well as our other services.

Contact Us :
To best protect our customer’s vehicles and our own R&D efforts, we operate a secure “closed” facility. This means that we do not take “drive up” business and we see customers by appointment only. However we can schedule appointments at almost any time of the day 7 days a week to meet your needs. Even if all you want to do is come out and meet us, check out the new facility and talk cars, we will be more than happy to accommodate you.


4073 FM 3538 RD
Sealy, TX. 77474
(979) 627-7545

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